Rock bands are pigeonholed into ever-increasingly minuscule sub-categorizations, but The Dresden Dolls continue to defy explanation and classification.  While some have called it theatrical rock, punk cabaret, manic-musical, neo-glam-torch…eventually even the most clever and creative describers shrug and say: “You just have to hear it to believe it.”
Living in a two-faced, popular culture built on artifice that demands authenticity; The Dresden Dolls take the world stage, tear down the curtain, rip holes in the veneer and create their own rules, rhymes and reason.  The Dolls thrive on their inherent juxtapositions.

Running with this theme of musical juxtaposition, The Wilbur Theatre is a perfect venue for The Dresden Doll’s return to live music Boston. Palmer expressed her excitement for the two-night ordeal in a recent blog post, describing the Wilbur as “beautiful” and “so old-school, it’s new-school. It’s so in, it’s out.” The Dolls will perform both of their albums over their two consecutive nights at The Wilbur. Their reinvention of classic styles will mesh perfectly with the Wilbur’s genre-non-specific embracement of new and innovative musicians, set in the classical background of Boston’s historic Theatre District.

November 2nd and 3rd, 2010

Tickets: $29.50

Amanda Palmer’s Blog: