America’s loudest lounge singer Richard Cheese performs swingin’ Vegas versions of rock, rap, and Top40 hits, "swankifying" contemporary songs into traditional pop vocal standards. Cheese has sold more than 175,000 CDs; his albums include Lounge Against The Machine, Tuxicity, I’d Like A Virgin, Aperitif For Destruction, The Sunny Side Of The Moon, his Christmas album Silent Nightclub, his TV Themes album Dick At Nite, his live album, Viva La Vodka, and his latest album OK Bartender.  He also just produced a new album by Johnny Aloha called Lavapalooza.

The hardest working Dick in show business has played sellout shows all over the world, and will be performing concerts around the U.S. in 2011, including stops in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Denver, Minneapolis, Washington DC, and Las Vegas.  Richard Cheese’s songs have been featured in the movie Dawn Of The Dead and the NBC-TV shows Las Vegas and Passions, and he’s appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, CNN with Anderson Cooper, KROQ’s Kevin & Bean Show, Opie & Anthony, Howard Stern, MTV’s Say What Karaoke?, Fox & Friends, and as the house band 20 times on NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly.

With his snappy jazz trio, his tiger-striped tuxedo, and his enormous microphone, Richard Cheese presents the perfect mix of music, martini, and madcap. Swank that