ShowStatusOriginal DateRescheduled Date
Cameron EspositoCancelledMarch 26thCancelled
And That's Why We DrinkRescheduledMarch 28thNovember 3rd
My Dad Wrote A PornoCancelledSeptember 16-17Cancelled
Jim RossCancelledApril 16thCancelled
Matty in the MorningCancelledApril 30thCancelled
Rick Riordan & Carlos HernandezCancelledMay 4thCancelled
Amanda SealesRescheduledMay 9thOctober 31st
Matty in the MorningRescheduledMay 14thOctober 29th
Watch What CrappensRescheduledJune 6thSeptember 18th
Tapestry: Carole King SongbookCancelledJune 7thCancelled
Kurtis ConnerCancelledJune 10thCancelled
Colin JostCancelledAugust 1stCancelled
Hidden Brain Live!CancelledJune 22ndCancelled
Hot TunaRescheduledJuly 13th, 2021November 28th, 2021
Dark Star OrchestraCancelledJuly 18thCancelled
The HolliesCancelled July 26thCancelled
Paula PoundstoneRescheduledJuly 30th, 2021December 19th, 2022
Tanya TuckerRescheduledAugust 7thAugust 17th, 2021
The Music Of CreamCancelledApril 18th, 2021Cancelled
DaughtryCancelled August 25thCancelled
Sibling Rivalry - Bob & MonetRescheduledAugust 28thApril 22nd, 2021
Second CityRescheduledAugust 30thJanuary 17th, 2021
Gabriel IglesiasRescheduledOctober 4thAugust 22nd, 2021
Robin TrowerRescheduledOctober 14thSeptember 26th, 2021
Jess HilariousRescheduled October 16thOctober 8th, 2021
Whitney CummingsRescheduledOctober 22ndOctober 2nd, 2021
Einstürzende NeubautenCancelledOctober 28thCancelled
Bruce CockburnRescheduled October 30thNov 2021 (TBD)
Amanda SealesRescheduledOctober 31stOctober 16th, 2021
Fortune FeimsterRescheduledNovember 6thSeptember 24th, 2021
Jay PharoahRescheduledNovember 14thSeptember 17th, 2021
ZeroCancelledNovember 18thCancelled
Sam and ColbyCancelledNovember 22ndCancelled
Chris BottiRescheduledNovember 27thNovember 26th, 2021
SinbadRescheduledJanuary 16thNovember 20th, 2021
Brad WilliamsRescheduledJanuary 2nd, 2021July 10th, 2021
JacksfilmsRescheduledFebruary 1st, 2021November 16th, 2021
MeateaterCancelledFebruary 10th, 2021Cancelled
One Night of QueenRescheduledFebruary 19th, 2021April 5th, 2022
Small Town MurderRescheduledFebruary 26th, 2021December 3rd, 2021
Deon ColeRescheduledJanuary 28th, 2021TBA
Kathleen MadiganRescheduledMarch 6th, 2021September 11th, 2021
Beth HartRescheduledMarch 10th, 2021March 9th, 2022
Nick SwardsonRescheduledMarch 12th, 2021February 25th, 2022
Paul VirziRescheduledMarch 13th, 2021October 22nd, 2021
Ronny ChiengRescheduledMarch 27th, 2021November 13th, 2021
MorbidPostponedMarch 26th, 2021Postponed
Doug StanhopeRescheduledApril 1st, 2021September 3rd, 2021
Dave AttellRescheduledApril 8th, 2021January 14th, 2022
Welcome to Night ValeCancelledApril 9thCancelled
Colin HayRescheduledApril 10th, 2021April 9th, 2022
Tracy MorganRescheduledApril 16th, 2021November 6th, 2021
Melvin Seals JGBRescheduledApril 16th, 2021October 3rd, 2021
Chris HardwickCancelled April 17th, 2021Cancelled
Jim NortonPostponedApril 30th, 2021Postponed
Taylor TomlinsonCancelledMay 8th, 2021Cancelled
Countless & FriendsRescheduledMay 15th, 2021December 18th, 2021
Drew LycnhRescheduledApril 23rd, 2021January 21st, 2021
Demetri MartinRescheduledApril 24th, 2021January 15th, 2022
Golden Girls Puppet ParodyRescheduledApril 25th, 2021November 14th, 2021
Whose Live Anyway?RescheduledApril 28th, 2021October 6th, 2021
Musical BoxRescheduledMay 23rd, 2021November 30th, 2021
Mike BirbigliaRescheduledMay 26-29, 2021October 17-20, 2021
The Fab FauxRescheduledJune 5th, 2021Cancelled
Kirk MinihaneRescheduledJune 26th, 2021January 22nd, 2022