A raunchy, cylinder-shaped ginger of Eastern European ancestry might not be the first
dude you’d peg for rap stardom, but that’s exactly the mantle Action Bronson is on the
verge of possessing. Over the last two years, the 28-year old Queens native has become one
of hip-hop’s most charismatic and colorful new characters, thanks to his wicked sense of
humor, a buffet of impressive releases and the rare knack for updating cherished East Coast
aesthetics into indisputably modern music.


Bronson’s insistent delivery and penchant for flamboyant phraseology initially drew some
comparisons to Ghostface, but he has long since matured beyond such superficialities.
His debut LP on Vice/Warner Bros. Music is scheduled for 2013. For Action Bronson, this accelerating rise to greatness may just persuade him to putoff “laying back, eating poutine” for a little while longer.