Mystery Science Theater 3000 LIVE: Time Bubble Tour

The Wilbur Theatre Located at
246 Tremont St, Boston, MA.
Phone: 617-248-9700
Wed Nov 10th - 7:30PM
The Wilbur Theatre Located at
246 Tremont St, Boston, MA.
Phone: 617-248-9700
Thu Nov 11th - 7:30PM
SEAT TYPE: Fully seated
$38 - $199


The Wilbur is thrilled to announce that Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) LIVE: Time Bubble Tour

The Wilbur is thrilled to announce that Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) LIVE: Time Bubble Tour will play at in Boston on November 11th and 12th! 

Alternaversal, the production company responsible for the “100 percent Fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes TV series Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Netflix, today announced its nationwide tour of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) LIVE: Time Bubble Tour, with the first 27 of an expected 80 nationwide dates, taking the tour through spring 2022. The long-running series (34 years old next Thanksgiving!) has also garnered the Peabody Award for Broadcast Excellence and multiple Emmy award nominations. 


The “Time Bubble Tour,” supervised by series creator Joel Hodgson, will launch in October of 2021 in York, PA, and feature the beloved returning cast of the 2019 “Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour,” Emily Marsh, Conor McGiffin, Nate Begle, and Yvonne Freese, along with the world’s only movie-riffing robots, Tom Servo, Crow, and GPC. The show features the film Making Contact and will include all the tour signatures: hilarious riffing, wisecracking robots, and silly sketches. The show will be directed by Tim Ryder, an alumni of the Second City Mainstage cast and writer and performer from the MST3K TV series.


“I’m thrilled to announce that the MST3K live show is back on the road for audiences to enjoy together again, especially after a year that’s been tough on all of us. I’ve learned to never underestimate the power of hanging with friends and watching a cheesy movie while bots yell stuff at the screen,” said series creator, Joel Hodgson.


Making Contact (1985) is the Roland Emmerich directed film that Emily and the Bots will riff, featuring animated toys and an evil ventriloquist dummy in an overcrowded childhood during the eighties. 


Tickets to the first wave of tour stops go on sale on Friday, July 9 at 12 Noon Eastern. For a complete list of currently available tickets and additional information, visit





“If the tour is coming anywhere near your town, and you consider yourself
an MST3K fan, you absolutely owe it to yourself to get a ticket.” –


“MST3K contains some of the HIPPEST,
deepest SATIRE of the generation.” – Los Angeles Times


“30 years later, that INGENIOUS B-movie spoof
is STILL GOING STRONG.” – The New York Times



Alternaversal is the production company founded by Joel Hodgson after bringing the series back with a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign in 2015, raising over 6 million dollars! The series currently resides on Netflix with 20 feature-length episodes and is one of the platforms highest-rated comedies. Last May, Hodgson sponsored a second Kickstarter campaign that broke the previous record by raising $6.5 million, funding a new season of shows and shorts that will premiere on its very own platform, “The Gizmoplex,” next December!




Premiering in 1988 on KTMA-TV in Minneapolis, MST3K, the long-running and original “talk back” show has earned its place in history as one of the Top 100 TV Shows of all time, according to Time, Rolling Stone, and Entertainment Weekly. Set on the Satellite of Love, the series follows a hapless host trapped by mad scientists on a satellite in space, who is forced to watch some of the most outrageously cheesy movies the world has ever seen.

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