Lil Duval

reschedule from 7/18/14

reschedule from 7/18/14
The Wilbur Theatre Located at
246 Tremont St, Boston, MA.
Phone: 617-248-9700
Fri Feb 6th - 7:30PM Tickets parking
SEAT TYPE: Fully seated


After a hilarious 2001 performance at a contest in Oakland, Lil caught the attention of Cedric the Entertainer’s camp and was invited to hit the road with Cedric and four other comedians. That successful run on the road led to a featured spot on Cedric the Entertainer: Starting Lineup, first televised and then released on DVD. Most recently, he’s added Twitter to his campaign and regularly dispenses his thoughts via @lilduval as raw and witty as only he can. So much so that he now has over 260,000 followers. Duval can currently be seen on the MTV series Guy Code.


    • lilduval

      Yup RT @Her_2607: Are you performing in Chicopee,MA next week!? @lilduval

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    • lilduval

      I know this guy that has no bottom part of his body (including a dick) but have kids. *scratches head*

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    • lilduval

      I see all u girls getting grey hair now. I told my ol lady don't let me come home and see yo hair looking like my grandma

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    • lilduval

      Bitches show they ass on Instagram and be proud cuz they not fucking nothing. Bitch u still a hoe. The worst hoe at that

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    • lilduval

      Give somebody that pussy. Don't just show the world on social media. That's so ass backwards

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