Kathleen Madigan

The Wilbur Theatre Located at
246 Tremont St, Boston, MA.
Phone: 617-248-9700
Fri Oct 14th - 7:30PM Tickets parking
SEAT TYPE: Fully seated


Kathleen Madigan is one of the most respected comedians of her generation; over her 25 year career Madigan has performed on nearly every standup television show ever made: Leno, Letterman, Conan, Ferguson and so on.  Her third hour-long special, Madigan Again, which iTunes named one of the Best Comedy Albums of 2013, premiered exclusively on Netflix to rave reviews and is available on CD, DVD and download.  She’s released 5 CDs and 3 DVDs and starred in 1 Netflix special, 1 Showtime special, 2 HBO specials, 3 Comedy Central specials and 3 CMT Salute to the Troops specials with Ron White.


    • kathleenmadigan

      If moderators dont fact check, then why hv them. Just have a monkey throwing beer cans at them n we can judge their reactions. #Debates2016

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    • kathleenmadigan

      Trumps plan: start rumors, have press report them, then hv em call me, deny rumors, start new one. Result: free media domination.

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    • kathleenmadigan

      Me leaving the northwest n once again, no Bigfoot. Granted he prob wouldnt b in a casino but the woodsy ride home had potential. @SnoCasino

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    • kathleenmadigan

      Well im certainly not offended....:))) https://t.co/3fk08D64SS

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    • kathleenmadigan

      So fun! That guy wassss @raananhershberg . I love him. One of best new guys around. Smart, funny. https://t.co/fwfErCq0hJ

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