The Bodega Boys Live! Ft. Desus Nice & The Kid Mero

The Wilbur Theatre Located at
246 Tremont St, Boston, MA.
Phone: 617-248-9700
Sat Sep 23rd - 7:00PM Tickets parking
SEAT TYPE: Fully seated


Desus Nice & Kid Mero met in passing during summer school in the Bronx. They reconnected online after they began amassing Twitter followers based on tweets covering their mutual dissatisfaction for their jobs.

Their social media complaints, dotted with funny pop culture commentary drew a crowd and eventually became the starting point for a web video series for Complex Magazine (“Desus Vs. Mero,”), a brief stint with MTV and their current hit podcast “The Bodega Boys.”

VICELAND’s first foray into late night starring a pair Rolling Stone described as “Comedy’s Hottest Duo:” “Desus & Mero” – airs Monday-Thursday at 11:00pm. Since its debut in October 2016, Desus and Mero have welcomed guests from every corner of the culture from actors, comedians, activists, athletes, and musicians. From Nick Cannon and Rashida Jones, to Amanda Nunez, DeRap McKesson, Major Lazer, and Vampire Weekend.


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      A BX resident casually washes her pet in an open hydrant.

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      OJ Simpson goes into his parole hearing talking extremely spicy for someone that wants to get out of prison.

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      This goat isn't here to play games with anyone.

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      Cat gone off the nip trashes kitchen.

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